Why TradeProfessor


13 May Why TradeProfessor

“Why do you teach?” This question is asked to me or or our staff daily. “If it is so valuable and works so well, why would you share the ideas?” I love answering this question. Mostly because we pay close attention to the courses, schools, and programs found on the wild WWW and realize that the easy (and maybe most obvious) path to marketing an educational course for any particular market strategy looks like this…


Because learning to trade definitely equates to four watches. Usually the ploy is some wild lifestyle in some remote location of the world with a clever caption suggesting overnight wealth.

Fun? Check.

Exotic? Check.

Realistic? Nope

TradeProfessor exists for people that would like to become familiar with the possibilities available by different markets. We believe that a majority of people could be significantly happier with a very small portion of income increase. Risk is a factor, of course, but if you are looking for jet-buying money then we aren’t going to be a good fit.

One of my favorite stories came from a single mother. She was struggling to achieve a balance of work, children, home and personal life. Her job was allowing her to live. But nothing else. She felt trapped and overwhelmed by the pressures of holding her frustrating life together. Knowing that something was going to give, we connected and demonstrated the process of trading an E-mini option. She allocated a small amount of money to an account while dedicating 30 minutes every morning to study. Through live classes she became proficient and achieved her goal of earning an extra $1000 per month.

For some, $1000 may seem like very little. To this single mom, it was enough to find the best life balance for her family. Somewhere someone is having a great time posting images of private jets and watch-wearing decisions. Just not at TradeProfessor.

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