Long, Short, Wide and Skinny

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21 Apr Long, Short, Wide and Skinny

Variety may be the spice of life, but consistency pays the bills…


Variety and consistency. Not always the most friendly qualities in life but some of the most desirable. Monotony leaves us mostly bored and uninterested. Consistency suggests stability and the platform for planning. Together, a less-boring sense of hope and potential.

Trade Professor participants are exposed to trade strategies and theories for different personalities (variety) with goals of daily routines to encourage success (consistency). These strategies can include the concepts of long (a buy) and short (a sell) with small risk (skinny) or larger risk (wide). Each offers something a bit different for the individual.

It never occurred to me that all people are the same. Some like red, some prefer blue while there are others that would be just fine with white. I love cake and others prefer cookies. All fine choices with the demonstration of preference. Trading is very, very similar. Some are determined to master small wins when the market is trending up. Another widely accepted theory is to buy and hold (long and wide). There is tremendous value in these and many other concepts.

One trade or one theory isn’t just right for everyone. Join us during a Morning or Afternoon Session and see the difference at Trade Professor. Come see our take on Variety and Consistency.

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